If you have downloaded our app, and want to get started, please read our quick start guide.

Below, you will find our extensive FAQ.

1. Getting started

1.1 I have no idea what to do! What do I do?
Go to the Quick Start Guide! It will get you started. Quickly.

1.2 How do I change the language?
The app language follows your phone language. In addition to the app language, you may want to change the language of your product database. Go to “Settings? on your phone, find SCAP, and the setting “Product database settings”.

1.3 What happens to my shopping lists and custom items if I change language of the database?
Your shopping lists and your custom items follow your database. So if you change from one to another, they will not be lost – but inaccessible. If you enter a number of items in the UK database, and then change to the Norwegian one, your custom items and lists will not be accessible. Once you switch back to the UK one, they will be accessible again.

2. Troubleshooting

2.1 Why does SCAP not recognize any barcodes?
In the beginning, you may find that most of what you scan is not recognized by SCAP. But have no despair, just confirm that you want to add the product, fill in the details, and it will be there next time.

2.2 Why I am not connected to SCAP server?
You may be in a “black spot”, or an area with little or no reception. Try moving around. Unfortunately, some stores have poor reception when you are deep within. If you suspect that is the case, keep your shopping list open, but hold the scanning and checking until the reception is better.

2.3 Why is the system sometimes slow?
In most cases, this is due to poor reception. Try moving around until you have better reception, or check your mobile data settings. If you suspect mobile reception or data settings has nothing to do with it, go to settings, the gearwheel at the bottom, and choose “quit”. Then you may start it again.

3. Shopping lists

3.1 How can I share shopping lists?
Currently we have no support for this, but our lab is working on it. Check for updates!

3.2 May I edit my shopping lists using the web?
No. Or to be more precise: Not yet. Check your app for updates, and swing by our web page from time to time.

4. General

4.1 What is SCAP server?
That is the server where your shopping lists are stored, as well as your product database. The app communicates with the server mostly every time you perform an action.

4.2 How can I use SCAP for self scan shopping?
Step one is to check whether your store is a SCAP customer. If they are not, keep checking out web page for updates. We may be coming to a store near you in a not too distant future.

4.3 When can I use SCAP for real self scan shopping?
Once your store or the chain that it belongs to has signed an agreement with SCAP.

4.4 Why can’t I register and get an ID and PW?
We have yet to open for this. Wait up, check for updates and check our site.

5. Products, items and groups

5.1 What is a product?
The product is something you are shopping for. A product can be part of a product group. In this case a product is generic, as in general, and as opposed to a specific item. “Bread”, “butter” and “bird seeds” are all products.

5.2 What is an item?
An item is a specific product. Where “bread” is the generic product, “John’s Rye Bread” is the specific item. An item may have a barcode assosciated with it.

5.3 What is a product group?
A group of products. (Duh!) “Dairy products” is a product group, and so is also?Bread”. But the latter can also be a product. In our product database, the product groups are written in italic font to separate them from the product.

5.4 What is a relation?
Some products just belong together. And some items relate both to generic products and product groups. “ACME Low fat milk 1 litre” is an item, related to the generic product “milk”, which in turn is part of the product group “Dairy products”. So if you enter “Milk” into your shopping list, and then you scan an item related to “milk” at the store, the “Milk” is checked. How cool is that? You can make your own relations, also in this app. Check elsewhere in this FAQ for a description on how to do this.

5.5 How can I add or change a relation?
Find the item in the item list, and press “Edit” in the upper right corner. Choose the blue arrow on the item entry, and you will be taken to the item page. Press the “Add relation” button, and browse through the product database. The item may be related to a product or a product group. An item may have several relations.

5.6 May an item have more than one relation?
Absolutely! An item, such as a bread, can be related both to “Bread” and ?White bread”. A bottle of water can be related to “Water”, “Bottled water, non sparkling” and “Beverage”. Only you set the limits here.

5.7 Where are items without any relations listed?
Open the product database, and scroll to the bottom. That is where the orphant items live. At least in the brutal SCAP world.

5.8 How can I use the pricing information?
If you know the prices or price areas of the products you buy often, you can enter these into the product information, and use this to plan your shopping session. A good way to stay within budget.

5.9 How can I add a barcode to a product?
Go to the item or product page (find the item in the product database, press “Edit” in the upper right corner, and press the blue arrow next to the item) and go to the barcode field. Press the barcode icon. Enter manually, or just scan the barcode.

5.10 How can I delete an item from a shopping list?
Do it the iPhone way. Swipe along the item, from right to left. The delete button should appear. Press it. The item will still be in your database. And possibly also at the store, if you still want it anyway.

5.11 How can I delete an item from the database?
Open the database, press “Edit” in the upper right corner, and tick the round field next to the item(s) you want to delete. At the bottom of the page, choose “Delete”. You cannot undo this, so make sure you don’t accidentally delete half your base in a fit of anger against the atrocities of the world.

5.12 Why cannot all items be deleted from the database?
SCAP items and product groups, stuff that we put there, cannot be deleted. Mainly because we think it is a good idea to have it there.

5.13 What is the difference between SCAP items and Custom items?
SCAP items were put there by us. Custom ones were put there by you. Or someone else playing with your phone.

5.14 Why are some items written in normal font and other in Italic font?
The italic ones are product groups, and not items.

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